Upcoming Events: 

International Conference


                 New Paradigms in Statistics for Scientific and Industrial Research

            January 4-6, 2018


 It is well recognized that Scientific and Industrial Research plays a pivotal role not merely to boost economic growth but also to promote the cause of sustainable all-round development.  Alongside continues man’s eternal quest for knowledge in newer and more complicated phenomena that are coming rapidly under the ambit of the perceptual world.

Over the last few decades, Statistics has been providing a big support to scientific research in many emerging areas and to industrial research dealing with new and novel materials and processes. It may not be unfair to claim that progress in research into some phenomena could have been halted or slowed down if new paradigms in Statistics could come up to meet the challenging needs to address highly complex systems, processes and  controls. These new paradigms are characterized by new concepts, models, methods, tools and algorithms  as are specifically called for in emerging areas of research.

While theoretical researches would have to continue in the interest of Science and Industry, what are badly needed are adequate interactions between the community of scientific and industrial research workers on the one hand and the community of statisticians on the other.

As one step towards reaching this objective, an International Conference on New Paradigms in Statistics for Scientific and Industrial Research is being organized by Indian Association for Productivity, Quality & Reliability  ( IAPQR )  during January  4-6, 2018 in Calcutta.

IAPQR, since its inception in 1972, has been actively involved in promoting the cause of enhancing productivity in all sphere of human activity, with a focus on Teaching, Training and Research.  Its members represent various disciplines and they engage themselves in the pursuit of inter-disciplinary subjects.  Of course, members of IAPQR can reasonably claim to be active in their academic contributions to Statistics.

The  Conference will include  a few plenary talks by eminent scientists, some  invited lectures to be organized by experts from different fields of research and  , of course, contributory papers by research scholars and young scientists.


The Conference has been woven around a few selected  emerging areas of  Scientific and Industrial Research. The following is a provisional list which may have to be modified as we go along:

 1. Clinical Trials

2. Bioinformatics

3. Drug Development

4. Financial Statistics & Engineering

5. Cryptography

6. Machine Intelligence & Learning 

7. Cloud Computing and Information Security

8. Environmetrics

9. Network and Communication

10  Astrostatistics

11. Internet of Things

 12. Structural Reliability

13. Signal processing

14. Statistics in Ecology

15. Social Network

16. Quantum Computing



 The fact that Industry to-day needs a big support from Science and Technology and that scientific research workers need to be thoroughly exposed to the emerging needs of Industry makes it mandatory that e have a good blend of academicians and professional  among both the speakers and the listeners .

The organizers intend to invite some leading research workers to deliver a few Special  Lectures dedicated to the memories of some illustrious  academic and professional luminaries.

Organisation of a meaningful event of this nature calls for deployment of considerable resources—financial and manpower. It is expected that Corporate Houses who look forward to making research contributions by themselves and drawing upon current researches going on in research establishments will come forward with a big helping hand to organize this Conference.  IAPQR will , of course, approach other agencies who should support such events.

It is heartening to note that some established research workers from Academia and Industry both within and outside the country have already confirmed their participation, while quite a few others have expressed their keen interest in the event. We intend to circulate the list of Plenary and Special Lecturers within a month .

We are planning to hold some one-day Workshops to be conducted by some eminent exponent on some selected topics. Such Workshops will run in parallel, may be in separate venues.

 The last date for submission of extended abstracts ( in about 300 words ) to the Conference Secretariat is  August 30, 2017. Authors will be informed about acceptance of their contributions for oral or poster presentation by September 30, 2017.  Full papers are expected by end –November.  And we are trying to get full papers on review and editing published in the form of an Edited Volume published by a renowned publisher shortly after the Conference.


Joint Conveners:

                                 Professor Asis K Chattopadhyay and  Professor Manisha Pal ,

                                 Department of Statistics, University of Calcutta.

 Session Organizers: 

Bikas K Sinha, Bimal K Sinha, Ashis Sengupta, Subhas Nandy, Atanu Biswas, Sasthi Ghosh, Indranil Mukherjee, Sabyasachi Bhattcharya, Mausumi Bose, Shovan Chaudhury.



Registration Fee: 

                              Indian:      Rs.5000 (Industry Sponsored)    Rs. 3000 (Academy / Self Sponsored )                                                                  

                              Foreign:   US $ 250       SAARC  Countries  US $ 100


Last Date for registration:   November 30, 2017